CBC RADIO (Canada's National Radio Station) picked Sherri as the top 5 Fringe shows not to miss! Sherri was given a guest spot to perform a bit of my set.

Here are some reviews about the show:

If Russell Peters were a white, gay woman who grew up in Georgia instead of a South Asian straight man who grew up in Brampton, he'd be Sherri D Sutton... a knack for telling amusing stories... an attitude that embraces cultural diversity and, of course, an ability to imitate accents better than most other people out there who try.
-Vue Magazine

Sherri is much more than a lesbian comic... and she's not a one-joke comic either... She's a very funny lady.
-Edmonton Sun

Sutton cuts a wide conversational swath... She's funny, too. Where most comedians tend to go for the easy kill on sacred cows, Sutton actually offers up the kind of tellingly hilarious detail only someone who has lived to tell the tale could have. ...there's rarely any malice shown to her targets... Sutton's gleeful button-pushing has a purpose: she defuses by exploding stereotypes, until we see exactly how ridiculous they are...

-Edmonton Journal

Don't Make Fun of Jesus could easily have settled for sarcasm and bitter humour, but instead Sutton delivers her story without a hint of anger or resentment. To her mind, even her setbacks and tragedies were more like unfortunately-yet-hilarious moments that helped to define who she is today. This woman will make you laugh. Even Jesus would get a kick out of her.

-See Magazine

Here are some reviews from people who attended the show in Edmonton:

FANTASTIC! Everyone was laughing the entire show. Amazingly funny and talented woman! I may even go again.

GO SEE THIS SHOW!!! It was hilarious and moving and I left feeling so good but with more to think about. I am going again and bringing friends it is that good.

Please do not, for any reason, give this show a "miss"!! It will be you who will "miss out" if you do. Sherri not only delivers hilarious and timely insights, she also brings us to the depth and foundation of what it is to be vulnerable, honest, and caring. She lays it all out there for us, and her show is a beautiful, poignant, and belly-laugh-out-loud roller coaster.

One of the best shows I've seen! Laughed the whole time. Go and see for yourself!

I so enjoyed this show as did my friends... go see it yourself and make your own judgements.

Ok. Sherri is frickin hilarious, so much so that I seen the show twice. This show is more than just a stand up routine, it combines humor with Sherri's personal experiences and delivers powerful messages throughout. IT IS WORTH SEEING!!

The show is getting sold-out standing ovations!

Her show has been sold out night after night, and given outrageous standing ovations. Of course, I don't speak for my race or other racial groups, but as a black woman this routine was not in the least bit offensive (and quite frankly, if you do find her material offensive, then you should question how politically correct you really are). This show was brilliant, funny, intelligent, thought provoking, emotional and heart wrenching. Under the astute direction of Ms. Brodin, Ms Sutton's stand-up routine has attained another level of comedy: SHERRI D. SUTTON is to the gay community, as Richard Pryor is to the Black community.

I have seen a good many shows at the Fringe and this one was the best of the bunch by far. I have never laughed as hard as I laugh when I watched this show. This was the kind of show that we not only should see but really we must see. It addresses so much of the sillyness we see in our daily lives and then wittily gives us a reason to laugh at ourselves for it. If the humor in this show doesn't get you then the shear mastery of story telling surely will as each thread joins the next so well that you don't even notice that the topic has changed. All in all this was a masterful show. This is by far a definite 5 star show.

I burst from my seat the moment she was finished. This gal gets five stars - and I think that the room full of people standing to cheer along with me tonight would agree. There wasn't a moment that dragged; Sherri's hilarious storytelling kept me rapt throughout her performance.

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