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Updated News : May 2009

Sherri performing on June 15, 2009 at 8:00pm at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff, Wales

Visit: to learn more

Sherri will perform her sharply witty one-woman show, Donít Make Fun Of Jesus, in aid of the charity Theatre versus Oppression.

All proceeds from this show will go towards the Kyangwali Refugee settlement project in Uganda which aids in the education and therapy provision for young people orphaned and traumatised by the war in DRC.

Sherri D. Sutton's show is part of the Refugee Week 2009 programme of events.


Additional Upcoming Show

Sherri will be performing at the Winnipeg Fringe. Visit: to learn more!

In other past news...

Sherri performed her show this past February to another sold out crowd with standing ovations in Penang, Malaysia. Not bad for a lesbian in a country who just passed a law making homosexuality between woman illegal. Sherri says: "My head stayed on and the people were fantastic!"

Updated News : September 2008

Sherri performed her newly edited, revamped one-woman show DON'T MAKE FUN OF JESUS on September 26th at Aurora Theatre in Atlanta!

Date: September 26, 2008
Time: 7:30 pm
Price: Tickets are $15 each
Where: Aurora Theatre - 128 East Pike Street, Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Sherri has now opened TWICE! for Roseanne Barr after being found by Roseanne herself on YouTube!

Last month Sherri performed "Don't Make Fun of Jesus!" at the Edmonton Fringe Festival. After the first show, it sold out for the entire run (with a sold out hold over show)! Sherri received great reviews and standing ovations from the gays, the straights and the undecided.

Prism Bar and Grill (Canada's ONLY lesbian bar) hosted Sherri this month to a complete sell-out!

Updated News : July 2008


Friday, August 8th

Sneak Peek performance of "Don't Make Fun of Jesus"
Prism Bar & Grill @ 8:00pm

Monday, August 11th

Fringe Kick-off Party!
Hosted by Sherri Sutton
Wunderbar - 101 Street and Whyte Avenue
Time: 7:30pm

Don't Make Fun of Jesus: Page 59 in your Program Guide!
Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival
Stage 9: Telephone Museum
10437-83 Ave

     Aug 15th @ 2:45pm
     Aug 17th @ 8:00pm
     Aug 18th @ 5:45pm
     Aug 19th @ 5:15pm
     The night of Aug 21st @ 12:15am
     Aug 22nd @ 9:00pm
     Aug 23rd @ 7:30pm
General Admission $12


Starting June 27th Sherri will be working with ENCORE (, a summer theatre, intensive 4 week program for students 15-18 who would like to devise theatre for the Avignon Theatre Festival. Sherri and her crew will be performing a piece of street theatre in front of the Papal Palace. In 2005 Sherri worked with this same program and did the Sur Le Pon piece.

Sherri will conclude her work this summer with Encore in the South of France on July 27th and head over to Edmonton, Alberta Canada for the 2nd largest Fringe Festival ( in the world.

Sherri will be remounting DON'T MAKE FUN OF JESUS with Tara Brodin will be producing and directing.

In September, Sherri will be back down south in Savannah (and hopefully Atlanta) and then it is off to London, Brussels and Zurich for most of October and November for her work with ISTA (

Sherri performs at Carolines in New York City in April 2008.

Sherri performs at Dykes on Mics at Ruby Fruits on May 12, 2008!

Sherri opened for ROSEANNE BARR right in New York City at COMIX Comedy Club! The show took place in October 2007. Visit to learn more about Comix Comedy Club.

Sherri on Roseanne Barr's radio show!! April 26, 2007
Sherri makes an appearance on Roseanne Barr's radio show!! Catch Sherri and the very funny Vanessa Fraction being interviewed by Roseanne Barr and Johnny Argent in the radio show clip below.  
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